If you like your men chubby, hairy, burly and take charge then this is exactly what you are looking for! This Officer is a cross between the guy from King of Queens and Tony Soprano. He shows it all in this amateur video of a top cop cum to call.

Scene 1
A horny fat cop struts into the late night bedroom of an eager someone willing to do whatever the officer says. With a stern look, you know exactly what this cop wants. Officer Frank rubs and strokes himself as he slowly strips off his work clothes.

Scene 2
His intoxicating musk fires the air as he unzips and pulls his 7” fat cop cock out. He pulls off his shirt, drops his pants and shows off his big burly arms as he works himself up in boxers and wife beater.

Scene 3
The camera follows every detail of this law officers body as he sprawls on the bed in his boxers and cop hat. He chomps a cigar while strokin’ his fat dick- eventually taking it all off while the camera travels around the bed to show every angle of dangle there is.

Scene 4
He strokes and teases himself as he works up a raging hard on, he flips over belly down to show his big furry ass and hairy back as he humps his cop cock into the bed. He turns back over saying “Time to take a ride!”

Scene 5
The tripod camera catches the bareback action from the guys vantage point as this big musky cop pumps some tight ass. The officer humps hole with his big belly slammin’ in a series of hot fucking techniques from slow and easy to fast, deep and furious. He rabbit fucks until they both can’t take anymore... now it’s the cops turn to cum.

Scene 6
Laying back naked with a total hard on, Our officer begins to stroke and move his big burly body in pure ecstasy... he squirms and thrusts his thick dick in the air while licking and sucking cock. In an amazing cum scene, he shoots over five feet in the air with countless jets of jizz flying. He's a heavy shooter and covers his hairy chest with streams of sweet cop cum. Awesome!

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